Mrs. Pearl Zwane is from a family background of ancestral worship and she used to fellowship at a false church. She is praising the Lord for breaking the curse of a chronic headache in her family. Her late mother suffered from a chronic headache that resulted in temporary epilepsy in the 1980’s. She took chronic medication because of that until she passed on. Mrs. Zwane’s sister also suffered from a similar headache and so did her son.

Mrs. Zwane also started suffering from a chronic headache in 2010, and it affected her daily life negatively. The headache would be severe when it was time to write exams or tests, when she had crucial business opportunity meetings and when she needed to attend social gatherings. She would get over the counter medication to manage the headache. It was a constant struggle that she had learnt to live with trusting that God would intervene.

The headache intensified in 2019 prompting her to consult a medical doctor on several occasions. The doctor prescribed pain medication, but her condition did not improve. She consulted again as the headache persisted and was given a six-month prescription to treat the headache. That did not help her either as the headache persisted.
She attended the Online Sunday Church Service on the 19th April 2020. The Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba opened the prayer line for those who were sick during the service. Mrs. Zwane called in and explained her suffering. Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her and she was instantly healed of that headache. The headache ceased since that day and she has never suffered from it again.

The Lord changed her story as she wrote five exams for the first time without experiencing a severe headache, something that never happened before. The Lord also healed her sister and her son, they too are no longer suffering from the headache. Mrs. Zwane and her family members are completely healed. She is grateful to the God of Unity for the healing and to the Servant of God for her prayers. To God be the glory!