Mr. and Mrs. Mkhobeni are members of Unity Fellowship Church, and they are praising the Lord for protection over their lives. On the 5th of December 2020, Mr. Mkhobeni travelled to Durban to attend his relative’s funeral. He returned to Gauteng on the 9th of December 2020. He then started to experience a high body temperature and feeling fatigued. He also felt very weak, and he did not have the energy to engage in anything. He persevered for two days, but his condition was not getting better. Mr. Mkhobeni decided to seek medical attention on the 11th of December as he had lost his sense of taste and smell. The doctor conducted COVID-19 tests, and the results indicated that he had tested positive for the virus. The doctor then advised him to isolate for ten days.
Mr. Mkhobeni called the UBN Prayer Line to ask for prayers from the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba immediately after he received his results. The call centre assistant assured him that they would pass the message to the Servant of God so that she could pray for him. Pastor Mukhuba returned Mr. Mkhobeni’s call that evening, and she prayed for him. Mr. Mkhobeni had also started to have diarrhoea, and he was very worried as he was getting weak. Pastor Mukhuba declared that coronavirus had no place in his body as she was praying. The diarrhoea stopped immediately after the Servant of God had prayed for him, and he felt energized. The Servant of God assured Mr. Mkhobeni that everything would be well as God was in charge. Indeed, Mr. Mkhobeni has regained strength. His sense of smell and taste is also restored, and he is no longer fatigued. COVID-19 has bowed to the declaration by the Servant of God, and all is well in his life. Mr. Mkhobeni is full of praises for the protection of the Lord upon his life. The name of Jesus will always remain the name above every other name, and COVID-19 is no exception. Glory to Jesus!
Secondly, Mr. Mkhobeni’s wife also started to suffer from chest pains, constant headaches, fatigue, and to feel very weak on the 12th of December 2020. Mr. Mkhobeni’s doctor had advised that Mr. Mkhobeni’s family members must immediately go for testing if they start experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Mrs. Mkhobeni consulted the doctor on the 14th, and she was tested for COVID- 19 that same day. She received her results the following day, and she had tested positive. She immediately called the UBN Prayer Line to ask for prayers from the Servant of God. Pastor Mukhuba returned her call and prayed for her declaring healing.
The Servant of God also encouraged her saying that Mrs. Mkhobeni was made of indestructible material because she is a member of Unity, adding that she would not die prematurely. Mrs. Mkhobeni believed the words of the Servant of God and fell under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. She then vomited a white substance. Mrs. Mkhobeni noticed that she had regained strength, and all the symptoms of COVID-19 had stopped when she came back to her senses after falling under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. However, she also isolated in line with the COVID-19 regulations. Nothing is too hard for God. Mrs. Mkhobeni’s health is restored, and she is full of praises to the Lord for the healing and His protective hand on her family. Victory belongs to Jesus, hallelujah!