During the Anointing Service Part 2 of 2017, Amukelani Makamu offered a special offering for Pastor Mukhuba when she was going for the Cape Town Anointing Services and she was anointed twice that day. The following day when she went back to work, she was told that her department had been put on hold due to her supervisor’s mistake that had costed the company a lot of money. They were told that they had to release 12 of the 14 staff members from her department, which meant only two people would remain

On Tuesday the following day she attended the Tuesday service and it was raining. Pastor Mukhuba ended up praying and laying her hands on each and every person who attended the service. Her department was closed but she was told that she was one of the two people who had been moved to another department and the rest of the 12 were retrenched. She wants to thank the power of offering because God saved her job, through her offering.