During the first anointing service Pastor Mukhuba made an altar call for special sacrificial offering of R10 000.00 and above. Mr Last Gwenzi partook on that offering and gave above that amount, and the Pastor anointed him. To his surprise, the Pastor also mentioned something about big projects, big monies in different currency that were coming. The same week Mr Gwedzi received a call from Zimbabwe saying that his company was awarded an opportunity to run the Mine.

To his surprise, he never applied for mining and he never dreamed of it. So he went there to make sure that was true. It was indeed true and was given to them for free. Other companies came with large amounts of dollars wanting to buy that mine but they could not manage to get it. However he got it because of the favour of God that is upon him. The mine is now operating.

Secondly, his company was awarded a tender for road construction in Zimbabwe. Among the companies which were awarded the tenders, they were given the biggest tender of more than 100km and while others were given 70 km and below.