In January Vutomi Rikhotso had absolutely no money in her bank account. Pastor Mukhuba taught that Christians should not struggle, with no money at the beginning of the year. She then prayed for those who were struggling financially.

During the Sunday service on the 11th of June, Pastor Mukhuba spoke under the anointing and said some bank accounts were getting rearranged, she said the Lord would cause a disorder in the bank accounts and Vutomi took the Word. On Tuesday the 13th of June she received a message from work informing her of money that was coming into her account. When she enquired with the finance department she was told she would receive a scarce skill's salary, an overtime increase and overtime money that the organisation owed her dating back from July 2016.

She received money for each month from July 2016 to April 2017. When she checked her online banking portal she found that the bank was offering her an upgrade from a gold account to a premium account. The Lord messed up her account and today she rejoices in His grace.

May the Lord also intervene in your financial situation in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.