Letta Mbedzi used to work for a certain bank. In 2012 she got fired because she issued a wrong credit card to a client. There was no investigation conducted and she was pregnant at that time. She began staying indoors because she was stressed about her situation. The situation became worse because even her siblings were not working. After giving birth, when the baby was a little bit old she started looking for a job.

She went to interviews and she was always unsuccessful. It used to bother her so much because the situation was not good at home since no one was working. She even started applying for a social grant for her child. She was advised to consult a witchdoctor for help. In 2015, she was called for another job interview which was unsuccessful again. She was so saddened that she ended up crying and confided to another lady there, that her life was not going well.

The lady told her about Unity Fellowship Church, advising her to attend the church services. She decided to relocate from Brits in North West Province to Soweto in Protea Glen, so that she could be very close to the church. She relocated out of desperation and rented a back room. She then came to Unity Fellowship Church to attend the services, and by the end of the month, she had to go back to North West since she could not afford to pay her monthly rentals.

When she got home, she decided to stop applying for jobs and wait to see what would happen. Letta was once involved in a taxi accident and funds from the Road Accident Funds (RAF) were taking time to be released, but after coming to Unity she got a lump sum of money from RAF. Things started to get better in her life and in her family. She even got a job and her siblings also started working. She now owns a car and two houses. The Lord Jesus Christ changed her life and that of her family members. There is surely nothing that is too hard for Him.