Lucia Mokoena grew up in a family where they worshiped ancestors. Her late grandfather was a witchdoctor. Everyone in the family was tormented by a spiritual husband from a young age. She used to dream of snakes. Her grandfather used to perform ancestoral rituals and after such rituals someone in the family would pass away after three or four months later.

She first came to Unity in 2013. She embarked on the 2014 forty days fasting. After the forty days fasting she got her deliverance, she is no longer tormented by the spiritual husband and the deaths in her family have stopped. During a bridal shower on 09 April 2017 she again got her deliverance. She went home in Mpumalanga, and one morning they woke up to find a snake hanging on their fence. She boiled water mixed with the anointing oil and pour on the snake twice until it died. She would like to thank the Lord for her deliverance.