Some years back, Thembeni Elizabeth Nemabulane started developing boils on the natal cleft. When she consulted the doctors they would give her creams to apply and the boils would keep on coming back after a short while.

In 2014 she started coming to Unity Fellowship Church and was advised to call the UBN prayerline. When she called, a word was declared for her to receive healing in the name of Jesus Christ. She immediately felt her underwear wet and when she checked she found that the boil had bust. She had received her healing and ever since that day she has never suffered from boils.

She also used to have an allergic reaction when she ate fish. She would develop rash on her skin. She ministered the UBN Holy Anointing Oil and received her deliverance. She now eats fish without having an allergic reaction. One day Thembeni’s son said he saw strange things and snakes. Thembeni’s son picked up his child and wanted to throw him against the wall. Police were called and after they interviewed him they realised that he was mentally unstable and was referred to a psychiatric hospital.

Thembeni got him the UBN fire t-shirt and the Holy Anointing Oil. She ministered it on him and made him wear the UBN t-shirt. He is now completely healed and has been discharged from hospital. She would like to thank God for His servant Pastor Mukhuba and thank her for all the prayers she makes for everyone.