Esther Mangali had a problem with her legs since 2003. She had big painful lumps on her legs. Her legs would be swollen and as a result they changed their colour to black. She could not walk or stand for a long time.

She consulted medical doctors, but they could not establish a diagnosis. She then started to attend another church and prophets gave her orders to perform. She followed the church orders and drank their teas and coffees but nothing changed. She consulted a witchdoctor who pricked her legs but her condition did not get better.

She went back to consult a medical doctor who took blood tests and told her that she suffered from an uncurable disease. She started coming to Unity Fellowship Church in October 2013 during the Night Prayer. She got herself the UBN Holy Anointing Oil and started ministering it on her legs.

Her legs became much better. She attended the Tuesday healing and deliverance service on the 21st of March 2017 and that day she told herself that she was going to receive her complete healing. During the service, the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba said to the congregants, “today you shall be healed regardless of your condition”.

She believed the Word of the Lord that came out through the anointed servant of God. She got herself another UBN Holy Anointing Oil after the service. She ministered the anointing oil in Jesus’ name and she received her complete healing on that same day. Her legs are no longer painful or swollen and she can now walk distances without a struggle.

May the power of God locate you and heal any area of your life in the name of Jesus Christ!