Lebogang Munyai started coming to Unity Fellowship Church in 2010. Before that, her son was a sickly child. He used to be hospitalised at least two times a week since he was born. The medical aid funds would even get exhausted. The God of Pastor Mukhuba did wonders by healing her son. He has never been to the hospital because of sicknesses since 2014; he is completely healed. She gives God the glory for the good health of her son

Secondly, Lebogang’s son was bitten by a dog which left him with open wounds on his face. The doctors could not stitch his face, and as a result, they recommended a plastic surgery before they could stitch him. She sent a message to servant of God Pastor Mukhuba who responded back and said, “May God be with you.” After she received the message from the servant of God, the doctors finally managed to stitch his scars after performing the surgery.

She was given an ointment to treat the scars even though the doctors informed her that the scars would not heal. Indeed the scars could not heal, and she ended up not applying the ointment on her son anymore and decided to only minister the UBN Holy anointing oil. The scars are now healed completely. She would like to thank God for her son’s healing through the power of the Holy anointing oil.