Nomthandazo Zama grew up in a family that worshipped ancestral spirits and practiced ancestral rituals. She advised her mother against those practices many times, but did not succeed. She finally got a breakthrough when she embarked on the 40 days fast. She spoke to her mother about it once more. Her mother finally took her advice, and since then, her mother never practiced any rituals to appease the ancestral spirits.

Secondly, in March 2017, her mother started having stroke symptoms. One evening she felt a terrible burning sensation on the left side of her face. It was as if something extremely hot was rubbed against her face. The next day, in the morning, when she woke up, the symptoms were intensified; she could not even speak well. Nomthandazo covered her mother with a tallit and asked her to hold its tassels as she prayed for her. She regained strength the next day and her speech got restored. Since then, she never got attacked by such sicknesses. Her mother is healed completely.

Thirdly, after her mother’s healing, she was attacked by terrible headaches, and even painkillers could not help her. She came to one of the Tuesday services in April 2017 where the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba said to the church congregants, “right now, touch your head if you have been suffering from terrible headaches. Be healed in the name of Jesus!” She then touched her head. After touching her head, she felt a burning sensation on top of it. She fell under the power of the anointing and she was carried to the front where she got her deliverance. Since that day, she never experienced any headaches in her life.