The Mabuza family came to Unity Fellowship Church in 2014. Since they legally got married, their marriage was not going well. Mrs Mabuza did not want to have a wedding ceremony nor wear a wedding gown. Her mother told her that no one gets married in their family. After the Mabuza family paid the bride price (lobola), her mother told her she would come back home because her aunts came back home after they got married. She was not going to stay in her marriage.

She is grateful to God that she never went back home and she is still in her marriage. Although she fought a lot with her husband, she never went back home. She used to hold her husband’s bank cards, but when it was pay day, she would throw the cards at him. Since they came to Unity there is peace in their marriage. She is also grateful to the Lord that they were part of the 2017 Israel tour. The grace of God enabled them to have a wedding at Cana of Galilee. She wore a wedding gown and the Lord delivered her from the thought of hating wedding celebrations.

Three weeks before the 2017 Israel tour, Mr Mabuza’s left hand developed sores and it was even swollen. The hand was also painful that he could not sleep well. He went to Israel in that condition. At the Pool of Bethesda, Pastor Mukhuba said that one cannot be where Jesus performed a miracle and not receive their healing.

Mr Mabuza believed and received the Word of the servant of God. After receiving the Word and believing it, his hand became better and he is now healed. He received his healing while in Israel. The sores and the pain are all gone. He now sleeps peacefully. We give glory to God for healing him

Those who join the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba in the Israel tour come back with testimonies. Going to Israel is not about having money but it is through the grace of God. May you also receive the grace to be part of the UBN 2018 Israel tour!