A year ago, Norah Ngobeni woke up one morning coughing and felt there was something on her chest but it did not come out when she coughed. Ever since that day, she would cough every morning when she woke up but she was fine during the day and during the night. When the coughing persisted, Norah suspected that maybe she was suffering from tuberculosis. She went to the clinic, they conducted some tests, but the results were negative.

Norah continued suffering from a morning cough until 11 July 2017, when she attended the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance service at Unity Fellowship Church. When the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba ascended the pulpit, she ordered the congregants to start coughing so that whatever that was blocking them could come out. Norah said to herself that it was her day to receive deliverance and was not going to miss it. She adhered to the instruction and started coughing.

When Norah woke up the following day, she did not cough, for the first time in a very long time. Norah realised that she had received her deliverance. She has not coughed ever since she received her deliverance and she is now completely healed. Norah would like to thank God for Pastor Mukhuba because she finally received her deliverance.

God works through His servants and when you follow their instructions, He is able to do for you whatever you need, as long as you have faith. Believe the Lord for your healing, never give up.