Pastor Annah Vilakazi is glorifying the Lord for leading her to a true church of Christ. She was previously a member of a false church and accepted Christ in one of the Christian churches. However, she would also move around churches. She learnt of Unity Fellowship Church, but she was not interested because she was taught against the use of the holy anointing oil. The devil being an evil genius, gave her a wrong perception of a church where she could find life because he saw that Pastor Annah no longer wanted him. The use of the holy anointing oil is a biblical practice as per scriptures in Exodus 30: 22-28; Isaiah 10:27; Mark 6: 13 and James 5: 14-15.
The devil used her connection to the false church’s evil spirits to lead her to the wrong churches. She fellowshipped in churches of the devil that were presented as Christian churches after she was born again. She also served in a particular popular healing ministry. However, things were not as they seemed in that church as there was a lot of deception. The Lord revealed that the church was faking miracles to deceive the people of God. Deception is a characteristic of the devil. The Lord Jesus taught that no amount of truth can be found from the devil in the book of John 8:44. Pastor Annah has also been to a church where one has to pay to consult the church leader. She went to different churches of the devil and witnessed the things done by those that call themselves servants of God but in reality are advancing the kingdom of the devil. They have infiltrated the ranks pretending to be called by God to serve the body of Christ (Jude 1:4).
She consulted an apostle at a particular church in January 2016 after a friend invited her. Pastor Annah was running a business that was not doing well at that time. That apostle would prophesy to people, and there were testimonies because miracles were happening in that church. The devil used those signs and wonders to serve his lie in that church (1 Thessalonians 2:9). The apostle prophesied to her and told her that she gave someone money and that person bewitched her. That was the reason why her business was not doing well.
Further to that, the apostle asked her about marriage, and she told him that she is not interested in that as she was from a terrible relationship. He gave her his contact details and told her to call him daily at around 9 pm so that they could pray about marriage. She called him for the first two days, and they prayed. On the third day, the apostle called her around 4 pm and told her that God had shown him that He had a purpose about them. Pastor Annah was puzzled by that. She told him that she found it strange that God had only revealed that to him as she had no revelation of that. He also said that he was looking for a wife as he was divorced. Pastor Annah was not interested in him. She then said that they should pray and seek God about his proposal. The apostle continued calling and pursuing her, and she ended up falling in love with him. The respect and trust in the authoritative position he held as the” servant of God” enticed her to fall for his advances.
She continued attending services at her church on Sundays, but she would secretly attend Wednesday services at the apostle’s church because she had not told her Pastor at the church where she was a member. She became comfortable with him, and he would ask her to visit him at his house. Pastor Annah was not sure about that idea at first and asked him about it. He told her that there was no problem with them spending time alone because they were about to get married. She later began to notice strange behavioral patterns. The apostle would talk to her using a different tone as if they were not in a relationship when she called him. Whereas, he would speak to her differently when nothing was distracting him. Pastor Annah did not know what was causing him to behave in that manner, but she suspected that he had a relationship with another woman. The apostle would also not honour their appointments or agreements. He would make sure that he was unreachable during those times.
They continued having a relationship and set a date for the lobola negotiations. Pastor Annah then decided to embark on three days of fasting and prayer to consult with God about the marriage proposal because of how he would behave. In addition to that, she also booked three days at a certain Christian site specially designated for people who want to concentrate on praying. They agreed that the apostle would join her there so that they could pray together. She started praying at that place on Friday the 24th of June and finished on Sunday the 26th. The apostle did not once show up for prayer at that place as they had agreed. Pastor Annah tried to call him, and he was unreachable. His phone was always on voicemail, but he called her in the evening on Sunday the 26th. He then asked her to meet him at his house the following day on Monday the 27th. Pastor Annah agreed and went to his house as requested. She also prayed, asking God to reveal the apostle’s secret things while on her way there.
The apostle suddenly left the house in haste while she was there. He told her that he would return, but he did not tell her where he was going or why he had to leave. Pastor Annah decided to use that opportunity to check his bedroom. She thought that she would find ladies clothing because she was suspicious that he had another relationship. She searched all the wardrobes, but she did not find anything to confirm her suspicion. Instead, she found two calabashes placed in the corner of a structure erected to add a shower area in his bedroom. One of the calabashes contained prayer requests and the other had greenish water. Something that was wrapped in a cloth and tied with white string, and a small broom similar to those used by witchdoctors was placed next to the calabashes. She got so terrified by what she saw that she could not even pray. She perceived that it was because she was in the devil’s den.
After some time, the apostle came back and asked Pastor Annah to take his dirty clothes to be washed as the laundry service that he regularly used was closed. She agreed and asked that they go to his bedroom to get his clothes, but her aim was to push him to the calabashes so that she could confront him about them. Her plan worked, and she asked him. He told her that those were his things, adding that Pastor Annah was too much of a Christian when she indicated that those were the tools used by witchdoctors. He also said that Pastor Annah did not know about practices that other powerful preachers engage in before they go to their churches to preach.
Moreover, he said he would not tell her about his practices involving the calabashes because they were not yet married. Pastor Annah decided to stop contact with him and to visit at his church after that. The apostle tried to win her back after that, but she did not allow him because she believed that what she saw in his house was God’s answer to her prayers. The Lord had revealed the dark things that the man perceived to be a servant of God was doing.
Pastor Annah started coming to Unity in 2019 after she went on the Jubilee Israel Tour with the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba. She began attending services at Unity after that tour and became a member of the church in March 2020. She attended the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service on the 1st of December 2020. She met with the Servant of God after that service, and Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her. She manifested with evil spirits as the Servant of God was praying. The evil spirits confessed that they were the ones that have been sending men to destroy her. She remembered this experience with the apostle and realised that God protected her from committing to a marriage relationship purposed by hell.
Child of God, if anyone claims to be a man of God, but they make you sin against God, know that they are not true servants of God. Anyone who calls himself a servant of God and lures you to having sex with him outside of a marital relationship is a child of the devil. It does not matter how much they pray or call the “fire” or prophesy, the spirit operating in them is directly from hell. The Bible says in Matthew 7: 15-20, you will know them by their fruits, for it is not possible for a good tree to bear bad fruit neither is it possible for a bad tree to bear good fruits.
These kinds are ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing, false prophets used by the devil to steal, kill, and destroy your life. The Lord had mercy on Pastor Annah and saved her from the wolf’s destruction. Pastor Annah shared this testimony to warn women to be careful of deception because of the pressure of wanting to get married. Secondly, the Kingdom of God is orderly. If God has placed you under His true shepherd, do not run around, remain with that shepherd. Be vigilant and have a discerning spirit because not everything you see is of the true God. The devil has released his agents to confuse the body of Christ. Do not fall prey to his tricks, if you find a true church that preaches Christ stay there. We live in end times, and such are some of the signs that the Lord Jesus spoke about (Matthew 24:24). Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Glory to Jesus!