Ms. Nkhensani Siweya use to fellowship at a Christian church when growing up, but she was not living a righteous life. She ended up visiting a false church seeking to be prophesied about her life, but she was never prophesied because she could not find a false prophet whenever she was at the church. She then realised that people would provoke her every time she goes somewhere. Strangers would want to start a fight with her. These incidences would also occur when she would be walking with a group of people, and she would be the only victim. In some instances, strangers would intimidate her with a gun. Their actions would be unprovoked, and that happened twice. These incidences would cause her to feel threatened and unprotected. She realised that her experiences were not normal and that she needed divine intervention.
A member of Unity Fellowship Church told her about the church, and she visited the church for the first time in 2014. She became aware that she should live her life righteously as a Christian. She also learnt that fornication is a sin before God. She was fornicating at that time, but she did not take that teaching seriously and continued with her lifestyle. She then stopped coming to Unity, but she continued to experience the same challenges. She decided to return to Unity in 2016. She also repented, stopped fornicating, and separated from the person that she was fornicating with. She learned to follow the teachings from the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba. She also started to attend services regularly, and she became a member of the church. Ms. Siweya noticed changes that same year. People stopped provoking her to initiate fights, and strangers have not intimidated her with a gun ever since. She is now enjoying the covering that God has placed on Unity's members as all those disturbing experiences have now stopped, and she feels protected.
Furthermore, Ms. Siweya attended one of the Sunday services during the Exodus 40 days of fasting and prayer beginning of 2020. Pastor Mukhuba encouraged the congregants to write whatever they wanted the Lord to do for them in the year 2020 during that service. Ms. Siweya wrote a request and asked the Lord to bless her with a car. She then felt the urge to start looking for a vehicle sometime in August 2020. She was also tired of using public transport to travel to work. She found a car that she liked, and she bought it for cash. She is grateful to God because she can praise Him freely as she has not burdened herself with debts that she could not afford. She followed the teachings of the Servant of God and made sure that she could afford her purchase. She is also thankful to Pastor Mukhuba for her prayers and teachings. Glory to Jesus!